09 Dec 2019

ProDESIGN ENGINEERING CO. LTD.   become an IRAQ dealer of ELNAV.


Elnav is pleased to announce that Elnav and Prodesign  has   signed dealer agreement at 5th December 2019 in Ankara.

Hakan Karagöz , International Sales Director of ELNAV  , is confident the new collaboration with ProDESIGN ENGINEERING CO. LTD.  will expand our business. He said, “Prodesign  has more than 15 years of experience in Iraq market, with a strong network . The Iraq construction, surveying and oil field business  is currently bursting with opportunities, and Prodesign is our perfect dealer to provide this new market with the design of the art  solutions and excellent service from Elnav.I beleieve that ESR50 with EC10 controller and LS7 android controller software is the best offer for the clients in Iraq who wants to work RTK radio mode or Cors Network.”

Managing Directors , Partner of ProdesignIraq Akın Gökçe  said, “Elnav has a good product portfolio in productivity and full workflow solutions easy to use and cost efective – this is why we see them as a reliable partner.  I believe our extensive knowledge of the Iraq market combined with Elnav expertise  is the perfect aproach  for success.”


Founded in 2017, ELNAV has grown to become GNSS Manufacturer in Kyiv Ukraine

The company offers a complete suite of  focussed state of the art GNSS solutions provide to international dealer network not only hardware but also software for field to office infrastructure.

More detail www.elnavgnss.com


ProDESIGN, an engineering consultancy firm being founded in 2000, has defined its main activities as to render the entire surveying and civil design and the consultancy services of the construction and / or design stages in the various construction projects. In the last 6 years the firm has specifically been focusing on the oil field related projects and became one of the leader companies in the region.

The main rotation of ProDesign is to create and execute projects according to high rated manufactured tools using the latest technology with modern management techniques, establishment and continuity of quality control and job safety.

More detail www.prodesigniraq.com