16 Apr 2020

Kyiv, UKRAINE , 19March 2020 , Elnav is pleased to announce E-Tab Series Indistruel level Android tablets with high accuracy GNSS inside. 

Hakan Karagöz , International Sales Director of ELNAV , He said, “ This system is complate solutions for GIS professionals who wants easy to use , state of the art system with high accuracy data collection from the field.”
RTK cm accuracy or submeter accuracy options available E-Tab 5R and E-Tab 5P
We designed strong combination for you on the field with Industriel level IP67 5,5″ screen , Android tablet and it is coming with Professional GIS software inside. System Powered by TopoXpress GIS software.

E-Tab 5 Series

  • 432 Channel Dual Frequency Network RTK cm accuracy chip inside (E-Tab 5R)
  • 72 channel Single Frequency , Network RTK capable submeter accuracy chip inside (E-Tab 5P)
  • Android 6.0 , ARM Cortex A72 Quad Core 2.5Ghzx10 , 4GB RAM + 64GB ROM
  • 5.5″ 1080×1920 FHD 500cd/m2 sunlight readble capacitive screen
  • 4G, MIL-STD810G, IP67, 6000mAh battery and more…

TopoXpress GIS Software

  • Productive data collection: job templates, GNSS surveying, stakeout, intelligent forms, calculated fields, lists, GoGo, GIS functions.
  •  Offline and Online work (Google Drive, TMS, WMS, KML).
  • Customizable templates, layers and forms. Responsive user interface.
  • Extensive support of GNSS receivers, projection systems, geoids, shift grids.
  • Support of wide range vector (map, shp, mif, dxf, txt, csv, dat, dbf, tab, mid) and raster (jpeg, ers, tiff, geotiff, png, lan, bil, bmp) formats , and more…
  • Language support (Ukranian, Turkish, English, Bosnian, Bulgarian, French, German, Hungarian, Latvian, Polish, Portuguese, Serbian)