Why ElNav GNSS?

Elnav is focussed High-end GNSS solutions provide to international dealer network not only hardware but also software for field to office infrastructure.

ELNAV GNSS devices ready to shipment.

The process of becoming a company:

  • In November 2017 the ELNAV brand was registered.
  • Then in January 2018 ELNAV was established.
  • Already in February 2018, ELNAV signed an agreement with CHCNAV on the supply of OEM cards.
  • In March 2018, ELNAV entered into an agreement with PJSC “ELMIZ” to manufacture GNSS receivers.
  • in April 2018, the sale of GNSS receivers called ELNAV – Elnav i70.
  • In May 2018,  ELMIZ and CHCNAV signed a memorandum of understanding and cooperation and developed a plan of action for the future.

In September 2019, ELNAV has started international market activities.


Focusing on the development of basic GPS / GNSS technology, the idea of ​​manufacturing in Ukraine was born, which would allow to reduce the cost of equipment in the International market.

The production process of GNSS receiver was organized at the production facilities of Elmiz PJSC, Kyiv, which specializes in the production of high-tech products for space, mining, defense and other industries. Supply of components was made by the Chinese company  Shanghai HuaCe Navigation Technology. At ELMIZ PJSC, a working group has been set up and trained by Shanghai HuaCe Navigation Technology Research and Development  Center in Shanghai, China

Core Values

From site development to topographic surveys, ELNAV GNSS receivers and software tools are bringing accuracy and efficiency at your job sites. The optimized workflow and extreme reliability of our survey solutions ensure timely completion of your projects whilst offering exceptional value for money.

Specialist Skills

ElNav is the valuaded solutions provider on the market . We strongly support to become best solution provider to your clients on the field and office.

Main goal is to provide solutions Field2Office and Office2Field

Valueded solutions with professional team.

Development 90%
Design 80%
Consulting 78%
Joinery 82%

Key Services & Skills